In the hope for an even faster invoicing tool, I sent this suggestion to Harvest, the popular online time tracking and invoicing tool that is so loved by freelancers and small teams.

Dear Harvest Team,

As a Harvest user for a few years, I would LOVE to not have to set my invoice preference for these on each invoice:


Here’s how I suggest you might implement it:

The benefits would be:

1. Faster invoicing.
2. No extra training needed.
3. Happier users. (or at least user)
4. World peace! (I’ll have to get back to you how this would work).

Or maybe make it happen as part of the invoice preferences…

Or for users with 1 team member maybe People isn’t an option.

Or… (that’s all I got.)



The Harvest Support Team Response

harvest support



Tiffany from Harvest got back to me right away with this personal response:

Sep 15, 5:02 PM EDT

Hi Brian,

Thanks so much for sending us your thoughts on this!

While we don’t have anything in the pipeline at the moment that’ll allow you to set defaults for your invoices, I can definitely see how this would be useful. I’ve gone ahead and sent your request along to the team here, so that they’re aware this is something you’d like to see. Many of the changes we implement for both Harvest and Forecast are based on customer feedback just like this, so we’re always interested in hearing what would make your life easier! 🙂

Thanks again, and if there’s anything else I can lend a hand with, just let me know!


So fingers crossed for now.  I’ve used a LOT of time trackers and Harvest is the best overall solution I’ve found so far.

Have you found a way to do time and tracking and invoicing that faster than Harvest?