Code Editors

Sublime Text is a highly recommended, minimalist coding editor that lets you make changes simultaneously to multiple selections.
Brackets is an open-source editor written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a focus on front-end web development created by Adobe. Live preview feature is a little like working in the Chrome developer tools inspector.


Code Academy is the always the first place I recommend to those who say they want to learn to code.
Code Academy

Graphics: Faster, Sharper, Stronger

SVG Optimization

Optimize how SVGs are written, reduce file size and make them easier to work with. Note that this doesn’t seem to work when images are included in the file in Illustrator it returns an error of “Namespace prefix xlink for href on image is not defined” in my testing.
SVG Optimiser

Smaller Images

tinypingTinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your PNG or JPEG files. Trusted by thousands of companies around the world. It says so right on their website. I use this and it rocks but I do have to say that the paid plugin has been crashing in the latest Mac Photoshop (updated 8/18). I’m praying that a new release will fix this.

SSL Checkers

It’s painfully easy for techs to partially mis-install SSL certificates. Always use a 3rd party tool to check the install so your green lock is visible in the browser toolbar.

Website Scanning

There’s a lot page speed scanners available but what about Analytics? Google Tag Manager? The fastest easiest way to check for theses on a website is Mobiah, the technical team behind the scanner keep adding new features so it’s worth bookmarking and checking back on it.

More Website Scanners

Web Page Speed Tests

Here’s a whole bunch of web page speed tests to choose from.