How to Add an Outside User to a Google Domain Registration

Add an outside user to a Google Domain Registration

Although you should be careful about who you add permissions for to control your domain, adding an outside user to your Google domain registration is easy. Here’s how to give a user outside your of your domain or organization access to your DNS settings. Sign in to Google Domains. Select the name of your domain.…

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Add a Full Width Notification Bar in Miva to the Shadows Theme

hello sign lit up with miva logo

How to easily add a full-width notification bar in one of the latest Miva Ready Themes with these quick code snippets placed in your user interface and css. This has been tested and works in the Shadows Ready theme. Go to User Interface > Settings in the admin. Scroll down to Global Header & Footer…

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Steps to Prepare for Your Small Business Website

dirty hands

Ready to get going on your shiny new business website? Excellent! Here are the general steps to prepare for your small business website presence. Note this list assumes you’ve already figured your USP (unique selling proposition) and are now ready to shout it out to the world. Figure out your domain name Create a list…

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How to send photos in the highest resolution on iPhone

high resolution iphone photos

How to send photos in the highest resolution on an iPhone Looking to increase the resolution of photos and animated gifts in iMessage or Apple Mail? To send a photo of the highest quality via text or email, start by double-checking both your iMessage and Apple Mail app settings. Why would you want to send…

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Modern Creative Holiday Cards


Winter isn’t here yet but yes, it’s coming and so is the season of holiday card giving.  No email, tweet or text can convey the card and thought of  snazzy modern creative holiday cards with a hand-written note.  Here’s 11 examples of choose to from including clean design, eye-catching illustrations, humor and even a Game…

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Online Printers for Greeting Cards and Invitations


Here’s our experience with online printers for high-quality greeting cards and invitations based on selection, cost, ease of use and card quality. What started out as an article to recommend online printers has become a cautionary tale. Bottom line, expect to maybe save some money over a local printer but give yourself plenty of time…

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Find the exact color on a website


It’s easy to find the exact color from a website. It doesn’t matter if it’s a color from an image, a logo, a video or really any part of a website. Here’s how to find that color from any pixel on the page.

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NATO Phonetic Alphabet Poster

This is a little bit of design genius from the folks at Outside Open: A NATO phonetic alphabet poster that fits all on one page and is easy to scan and read. Why so genius? If you’ve ever had to give a secure password over the phone, you’re not asking that question.  They said it best with…

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8 Reasons I’m Ditching the Fitbit Charge 2


8 Reasons why I’m ditching the FitBit Charge 2: It sucks as a watch. More than half the time I raise my wrist to show the time, it shows nothing. It sucks as an alarm. I’ve slept through the alarm twice in a month. It’s a hungry little bugger.  I don’t know what needs charging more…

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Standing Desk Pick

updesk box

I’ll spare you all the reasons why you should want a standing desk. Let’s just say I’m never going back and the reason you can’t find a stand-up desk on the cheap on Craigslist is that no else wants to part with theirs either. My only regret is that I only have one at the…

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7 Free Web Page Speed Tests


You feel the need. The need for speed. But how fast is your web page? You can look at your load time and a waterfall of your file requests with Chrome developer tools, in Safari or Firefox but that read out is limited to your own connection speed and sometimes your hosts file or cache…

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Domain Name Tools to Find the Right Website Name

domain soup

Before you pick a website name there’s a few things to think about. Like how short could it be? Can you get away with an acronym? Some quick general rules for picking domain names: .com is preferred.  Search engines and users will thank you for getting a .com domain. .net is “okay” but better suited…

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