Here’s how to add 4 responsive columns to add any page without a custom page template using these built-in css classes in the popular Online Store 2.0 Dawn theme for Shopify. Simply end the page and switch to the “text” view and paste this html structure. Note that the “center” class on the individual column divs will center the text.

<div class="row grid grid--1-col grid--2-col-tablet grid--4-col-desktop">
	<div class="grid__item center">Column 1 Stuff</div>
	<div class="grid__item center">Column 2 Stuff</div>
	<div class="grid__item center">Column 3 Stuff</div>
	<div class="grid__item center">Column 4 Stuff</div>

No new CSS to add your theme CSS. The grid classes are built in to the Dawn theme. Note: This was tested on the Dawn version 3.0.0 theme.

4 columns added with html divs and classes into the Dawn theme preview on desktop

2 Columns in Tablet View

4 items in 2 columns showing on tablet with the same code as above for the Dawn theme

Single Column in Mobile View

4 elements are now in 1 column for the mobile responsive view