Favorite WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins that work

These plugins do the amazing and make working with WordPress so much more powerful, and flexible. Most are free, some are paid. All are worth your time and donations for the plugin creators. All-in-One WP Migration by ServMask – if you miss using the Blog Vault migration when importing to WPEngine this is your savior. Free…

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Override Gravity Forms Field Type to Show Mobile Telephone Keypad


To force a Gravity Forms number field to display the telephone keypad on mobile devices you have to override the field type for a selected field. You can accomplish this by adding the below code to your WordPress child theme functions.php file located in your /wp-content/themes/child-theme folder. Yes it’s true that by default Gravity Forms…

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Functions to Improve Divi WordPress Theme


Here are some functions to super charge and improve the Divi WordPress theme. You can add Font Awesome, speed up your site, remove the Projects Custom Post Type and if you’re using Gravity Forms, track form submissions as Google Analytics Events.

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Sync WordPress Users from LIVE to Staging

wordpress website launch

Note from Editor: This article was written in 2016 about what is now in 2021, WPEngine’s legacy staging. The general process can still work with different site environments but databases need to be exported and imported rather than just copied. Side note: this process can also be used to update Gravity Forms forms and entries…

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