WPEngine provides a simple way to sync just some database tables from Staging to LIVE. But what if you want to sync or copy users from LIVE to Staging without overwriting other changes you’ve made to your staging version? Here’s how:

To sync the users from LIVE to Staging

    1. Make backups of Staging and LIVE first of course
    2. Open phpMyAdmin and select the wp_users and wp_usermeta tables from the Staging database. On WPEngine, this will be called snapshot_install name.
    3. Use the dropdown at the bottom of the screen to empty the selected DB tables.

empty wordpress user tables

    1. You’ll see a dialog to truncate the data from the tables. Select “yes” and your user tables are empty. You can’t even login to the staging site now because you don’t have a user. This is correct.
    2. Now select the same tables from your LIVE database table.
wordpress user tables

Default WordPress user table names to select..

    1. Use the dropdown at the bottom to copy the tables to the Staging database.

copy wordpress user tables

    1. Select Data only.

copy user tables data only

That’s it. Log back into your Staging site and you should see you have the latest users and data from your LIVE install in your Staging Site.