Author’s note: The following article is no longer up to date as SiteGround has moved away from using a CPanel. Here where to find the temporary url which is only available during the SiteGround website’s creation process

siteground temporary url 

You can easily access your WordPress site via the SiteGround temporary url without the DNS propagation by using your ip from your cPanel and SiteGround username. Note that once your DNS for your domain has propagated, your site will no longer show up properly.

This actually works on other cPanel WordPress hosts as well although if you need cPanel hosting, SiteGround is a great choice.

Grab your cPanel IP address by logging into SiteGround, clicking the “Accounts” tab and then the red “Go to cPanel” button.

access cPanel on SiteGround

You can then find your SiteGround account ip address.

siteground cpanel ip address

Which breaks down the access for your siteground temporary url by IP, your username and domain like this:

SiteGround Temporary Url Structure

SiteGround temporary url structure

SiteGround Temporary Url Example:


This url syntax to access your site temporarily will also work on other sites in your account. You simply change the domain name at the end of the url. Note that the domain name needs to match the way you’ve set up your domain in your account. So even if you plan on building a site with a www version of the url, you’ll need to use the domain name that matches the folder for the domain on your SiteGround hosting account.

It’s also worth mentioning that when using your temporary url you won’t be able to issue a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for the domain since this would require propagation of the domain.

SiteGround also explains what they call the server url.

If you’re running WordPress on SiteGround and want to see the site properly before the DNS has propagated using the temporary URL you need to set your site address and WordPress address to the temporary url as well. An easy way to change this is to modify them in the options table of the database in phpMyAdmin. If you need help doing this, just leave a comment and I’ll add more explanation.
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Looking to access your staging site on SiteGround? Here’s my method for getting the staging site to resolve.