You’ve come over to SiteGround from WPEngine and now you want to access a staging site before your DNS has propagated. No dice. This is easy in WPEngine since they set a subdomain on for every site but on SiteGround you need to have access to the DNS.

If your site’s nameservers aren’t pointed to SiteGround yet, but you have access you can then setup an A record for your staging instance and point it to the IP in your SiteGround CPanel.

So the record in GoDaddy’s DNS for instance would look something like this:


You can of course access your main site without the DNS propagation by using your ip and SiteGround username:



Which breaks down the access for your siteground temporary url by IP, your username and domain like this:

SiteGround temporary url structure

SiteGround temporary url structure

Edit on January 25th: 

If you’re running WordPress on Siteground and want to see the site properly before the DNS has propagated using the temporary URL you need to set your site address and WordPress address to the temporary url as well.  An easy way to change this is to modify them in the options table of the database.  If you need help doing this, just leave a comment and I’ll add more explanation.