Workaround to add a notification bar to a Divi theme WordPress site

hello lit up in a chat bubble in a neon sign

Here’s an easy workaround to add a notification bar to your WordPress site with the Divi theme without using a plugin. As a work-around, it doesn’t include tons of options but it’s work-able and you don’t need any plugins. In fact a lot of notification bar plugins won’t work with the Divi theme so this has saved me a few times for clients needed a quick solution.

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Access Your SiteGround Temporary Url

siteground hosting logo

  Author’s note: The following article is no longer up to date as SiteGround has moved away from using a CPanel. Here where to find the temporary url which is only available during the SiteGround website’s creation process.    You can easily access your WordPress site via the SiteGround temporary url without the DNS propagation…

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Favorite WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins that work

These plugins do the amazing and make working with WordPress so much more powerful, and flexible. Most are free, some are paid. All are worth your time and donations for the plugin creators. All-in-One WP Migration by ServMask – if you miss using the Blog Vault migration when importing to WPEngine this is your savior. Free…

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WP Engine vs. Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting

WPEngine vs LiquidWeb

Considering making the switch away from WP Engine in favor of Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting? I made a shift with over 30 sites a few months ago and thought I’d share my results, the pros, and the cons with you thus far to help you consider WP Engine vs. Liquid Web. Things you’ll like…

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WordPress Relaunch Checklist before Migrating Staging to Live


You’ve been slaving away building the perfect new version of your client’s website. You’re building it on a staging site of course or better yet on your local machine. If it’s on WPEngine’s staging version, all you have to do to is go back to the live site, select the staging menu and select “Deploy site…

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Correctly Exporting the Database from a WordPress Site

correct wordpress database export

There are a lot of options when it comes to exporting a WordPress database for a website to import on a new hosting provider.  Here are the three methods to export I’ve used the most with the best success: #1 Export directly from phpMyAdmin I find this method to be less messy than using a plugin…

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Sync WordPress Users from LIVE to Staging

wordpress website launch

Note from Editor: This article was written in 2016 about what is now in 2021, WPEngine’s legacy staging. The general process can still work with different site environments but databases need to be exported and imported rather than just copied. Side note: this process can also be used to update Gravity Forms forms and entries…

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