Override Gravity Forms Field Type to Show Mobile Telephone Keypad


To force a Gravity Forms number field to display the telephone keypad on mobile devices you have to override the field type for a selected field. You can accomplish this by adding the below code to your WordPress child theme functions.php file located in your /wp-content/themes/child-theme folder. Yes it’s true that by default Gravity Forms…

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Functions to Improve Divi WordPress Theme


Here are some functions to super charge and improve the Divi WordPress theme. You can add Font Awesome, speed up your site, remove the Projects Custom Post Type and if you’re using Gravity Forms, track form submissions as Google Analytics Events.

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Add a Full-Width Google Map to the Footer in Genesis

snazzy map for the footer

To add a Snazzy full-width Google map to the footer of the Genesis Digital Pro theme we’ll need to: 1) Prepare the Google map to fit in new section. 2) Add a new section above the footer widgets. and 3) Adjust the CSS to sit the map nicely against the footer. Ready to map it up?

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Remove Projects Custom Post Type from Divi

divi theme dumpster

Want to remove projects custom post type from Divi, the premiere theme from Elegant Themes? Sometimes a robust theme like Divi needs to be stripped down a bit. Yes, the Divi WordPress theme from Elegant Themes has a lot of functionality built in. Yes, that’s an understatement. And no, you don’t have to have it…

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