Dawn Theme 4 Column Grid Html

4 columns in the Dawn theme preview about page

Here’s how to add 4 responsive columns to add any page without a custom page template using these built-in css classes in the popular Online Store 2.0 Dawn theme for Shopify. Simply end the page and switch to the “text” view and paste this html structure. Note that the “center” class on the individual column…

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Export WooCommerce Customers with Addresses from WordPress for Shopify

Customer export

There’s a simple way to export your customer information from WooCommerce without using a plugin including their shipping address and phone number into a csv. This is particularly handy if you’re looking to export WooCommerce customers to import them into Shopify. We’ll get this done using a query in phpMyAdmin on the WordPress database. But…

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Adding Automatic Shopify Structured Data for Products


Adding structured data in the schema.org format for products is a best practice for search engine optimization in your Shopify store.  And JSON-LD is now considered the recommended and preferred method for adding the structured data. Google provides a handy Structured Data Testing Tool to see how your microdata looks. And more good news is…

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Add an Automatically Updated Copyright Date to your Website


Out-of-date copyright dates are all over the internet.  In a way it’s good. It lets you know that the site probably hasn’t been touched by the webmaster since the year shown in the footer. But for your own site you always want that copyright date to be current. Right? So skip the Rose bowl and…

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Shopify Site Launch Checklist


The Shopify Store Launch Checklist is a good place to start. Many thanks to @tuckerschreiber for that. This Shopify Site Launch checklist adds a few things I think are crucial and skips over some basics like image optimization and setting up extra channels. Test on some actual mobile devices. Okay yes this is basic but…

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