Quick WPEngine Site Launch Checklist

man points with both hands at fireworks with WPEngine logo overlaid on firewords

Here’s a quick WPE Site Launch checklist for launching WordPress sites for the first time on WPEngine assuming you’ve already done the basics like setting your permalinks, etc. Delete any unused pages and that “Hello World” post Ensure your contact form is working correctly and mailing the right people notifications. Add contact form spam measures.…

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Steps to Prepare for Your Small Business Website

dirty hands

Ready to get going on your shiny new business website? Excellent! Here are the general steps to prepare for your small business website presence. Note this list assumes you’ve already figured your USP (unique selling proposition) and are now ready to shout it out to the world. Figure out your domain name Create a list…

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WordPress Relaunch Checklist before Migrating Staging to Live


You’ve been slaving away building the perfect new version of your client’s website. You’re building it on a staging site of course or better yet on your local machine. If it’s on WPEngine’s staging version, all you have to do to is go back to the live site, select the staging menu and select “Deploy site…

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Location Product Photography Shoot Equipment List

Location Photo Equipment

A quick goto list for location product photography photo shoots so nothing is left behind. Camera Bag Camera Bodies Charged camera batteries and charger Empty memory cards Lenses Lightmeter plus extra battery Hot Sync Radio transmitter Laptop Laptop charger Tripod head plate Strobe Lights kit Lights Spare bulbs Power cords Extension cords Stands Speed ring…

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Shopify Site Launch Checklist


The Shopify Store Launch Checklist is a good place to start. Many thanks to @tuckerschreiber for that. This Shopify Site Launch checklist adds a few things I think are crucial and skips over some basics like image optimization and setting up extra channels. Test on some actual mobile devices. Okay yes this is basic but…

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