WP Engine vs. Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting

WPEngine vs LiquidWeb

Considering making the switch away from WP Engine in favor of Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting? I made a shift with over 30 sites a few months ago and thought I’d share my results, the pros, and the cons with you thus far to help you consider WP Engine vs. Liquid Web. Things you’ll like…

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Easy Way to Edit the Hosts File on a Mac

mac terminal icon

The hosts file allows you to override the IP address for a website provided by DNS servers. It’s easier to edit than it might seem and doesn’t require you to edit in terminal, which can be daunting. It’s particularly useful to test 3rd party SSL certificates at WP Engine before changing the actual DNS. Yes…

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Sync WordPress Users from LIVE to Staging

wordpress website launch

Note from Editor: This article was written in 2016 about what is now in 2021, WPEngine’s legacy staging. The general process can still work with different site environments but databases need to be exported and imported rather than just copied. Side note: this process can also be used to update Gravity Forms forms and entries…

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