Clean Up Data for MailChimp Import

Monkey with a look of concern over messy data

MailChimp’s sample import file isn’t a bad place to start with getting your contact into your audience. But it can also leave some messy data on your hands. Here are some tips to clean up up your data for MailChimp in Google Sheets before you import as a csv: 1) Get your column names correct.…

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Getting Started on Time Keeping and Invoices as a Freelancer


Using Google Docs and Sheets for invoices Time Keeping with Google Sheets In order to invoice for your services you need to either have a set price (sometimes called a project price) for your services or an hourly rate. If you’re charging on an hourly basis (sometimes called time and materials) then you’ll need to…

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Get the Last Word in Google Sheets Cell or Excel Cell


Here’s what you need to retrieve the last word (or the first) in Google Sheets cells or using Excel if that’s your preference. Get the Last Word in Google Sheets =TRIM( RIGHT( SUBSTITUTE( A1 ; ” ” ; REPT( ” ” ; 100 ) ) ; 100 ) ) but if you might have any trailing…

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