NATO Phonetic Alphabet Poster

This is a little bit of design genius from the folks at Outside Open: A NATO phonetic alphabet poster that fits all on one page and is easy to scan and read. Why so genius? If you’ve ever had to give a secure password over the phone, you’re not asking that question.  They said it best with…

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8 Reasons I’m Ditching the Fitbit Charge 2


8 Reasons why I’m ditching the FitBit Charge 2: It sucks as a watch. More than half the time I raise my wrist to show the time, it shows nothing. It sucks as an alarm. I’ve slept through the alarm twice in a month. It’s a hungry little bugger.  I don’t know what needs charging more…

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Standing Desk Pick

updesk box

I’ll spare you all the reasons why you should want a standing desk. Let’s just say I’m never going back and the reason you can’t find a stand-up desk on the cheap on Craigslist is that no else wants to part with theirs either. My only regret is that I only have one at the…

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Location Product Photography Shoot Equipment List

Location Photo Equipment

A quick goto list for location product photography photo shoots so nothing is left behind. Camera Bag Camera Bodies Charged camera batteries and charger Empty memory cards Lenses Lightmeter plus extra battery Hot Sync Radio transmitter Laptop Laptop charger Tripod head plate Strobe Lights kit Lights Spare bulbs Power cords Extension cords Stands Speed ring…

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Take Screenshots on the Mac Like a Boss


Want to lay down the law with your Mac make it cough up the screenshots on the Mac you need. Let’s start with the best way to screenshot. How to take a screenshot of a selected portion of your screen and copy it to your clipboard Do this instead of filling up your desktop with random screenshots…

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Shopify Site Launch Checklist


The Shopify Store Launch Checklist is a good place to start. Many thanks to @tuckerschreiber for that. This Shopify Site Launch checklist adds a few things I think are crucial and skips over some basics like image optimization and setting up extra channels. Test on some actual mobile devices. Okay yes this is basic but…

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