8 Reasons why I’m ditching the FitBit Charge 2:

  1. It sucks as a watch. More than half the time I raise my wrist to show the time, it shows nothing.
  2. It sucks as an alarm. I’ve slept through the alarm twice in a month.
  3. It’s a hungry little bugger.  I don’t know what needs charging more than a Fitbit.  Oh yeah, an Apple Watch. Anything that requires more charging than my mouse is taking up too much of my time to recharge it.
  4. Not water proof or really even very water resistant. Nuff said there.
  5. I’m already being tracked enough by my phone. I was referring to remarketing but there’s umpteen million (more or less) apps that can track my steps on my phone. Actually even the FitBit app can do that without another device.
  6. Less is more. One less device to worry about.  Is it charged enough?  Do I look like a marketing pawn for wearing this silly thing? Usual answers being No and Yes.
  7. Yawn. The novelty of self-tracking has worn thin.
  8. It’s not a party.  Most of my friends and all of my family have already quit using their trackers or put it on their dog.

But all is not lost. Next I’m hooking up one of these…