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Hidden Content Options for Your WordPress Website

By Mr. Dif | June 19, 2023

As a WordPress website owner, you have the power to control what content is visible to your visitors and search engines. Sometimes, you may want to hide specific pages from search engines and navigation menus, while other times, you may prefer to restrict access to certain pages only to users with custom permissions. Here, we…

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Dawn Theme 4 Column Grid Html

By Mr. Dif | May 3, 2022

Here’s how to add 4 responsive columns to add any page without a custom page template using these built-in css classes in the popular Online Store 2.0 Dawn theme for Shopify. Simply end the page and switch to the “text” view and paste this html structure. Note that the “center” class on the individual column…

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Clean Up Data for MailChimp Import

By Mr. Dif | August 18, 2020

MailChimp’s sample import file isn’t a bad place to start with getting your contact into your audience. But it can also leave some messy data on your hands. Here are some tips to clean up up your data for MailChimp in Google Sheets before you import as a csv: 1) Get your column names correct.…

Add an outside user to a Google Domain Registration

How to Add an Outside User to a Google Domain Registration

By Mr. Dif | July 21, 2020

Although you should be careful about who you add permissions for to control your domain, adding an outside user to your Google domain registration is easy. Here’s how to give a user outside your of your domain or organization access to your DNS settings. Sign in to Google Domains. Select the name of your domain.…

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Add a Full Width Notification Bar in Miva to the Shadows Theme

By Mr. Dif | May 6, 2020

How to easily add a full-width notification bar in one of the latest Miva Ready Themes with these quick code snippets placed in your user interface and css. This has been tested and works in the Shadows Ready theme. Go to User Interface > Settings in the admin. Scroll down to Global Header & Footer…

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Workaround to add a notification bar to a Divi theme WordPress site

By Mr. Dif | March 21, 2020
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Turn off Animations on Mobile in the Divi Theme

By Mr. Dif | March 21, 2020

Sometimes animations can be problematic on mobile phones by slowing down the website responses and negatively affecting the user experience. To turn off animations and disable them on mobile devices in the Divi WordPress theme you can use some CSS combined with a media query. You can add the CSS to your theme options inside…

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Quick WPEngine Site Launch Checklist

By Mr. Dif | January 18, 2020

Here’s a quick WPE Site Launch checklist for launching WordPress sites for the first time on WPEngine assuming you’ve already done the basics like setting your permalinks, etc. Delete any unused pages and that “Hello World” post Make sure that your contact form is working correctly and mailing the right people. Make sure your privacy…

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Unleash Powerful Workflow Methods in Divi Builder

By Mr. Dif | September 19, 2019

Building and maintaining websites using the Elegant Themes Divi theme gets faster with these power user tips. 1. Use the premade Divi Layouts. 2. Use Right Click to extend section, row module styles throughout pages, sections or rows.  There’s a ton of power hidden in these. 3. Setup Global Sections on your first page build…

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Steps to Prepare for Your Small Business Website

By Mr. Dif | September 12, 2019

Ready to get going on your shiny new business website? Excellent! Here are the general steps to prepare for your small business website presence. Note this list assumes you’ve already figured your USP (unique selling proposition) and are now ready to shout it out to the world. Figure out your domain name Create a list…