This script worked wonders for me in Adobe Illustrator CS to open multi page pdfs in Illustrator with each page of the pdf ending up on it’s own artboard. I’ve also tested it and it works well on Illustrator CC to import multiple pages from a pdf into Illustrator as well.

Here’s how to use the script to open all the pages of your pdf.

    1. Pick up the script from Ai Scripts.
    2. Once you have downloaded the script, move it to your “/lllustrator CC/Presets folder”


    1. Then you just access the script via File > Scripts

Open Multi Page Pdfs in Illustrator

    1. Set your file path to the pdf file you want to import to Illustrator.


  1. And the Illustrator script gets to work:

batch import dialog for pdf

The result in Illustrator is a single file with artboards for each imported page of the pdf document.

When Illustrator Updates

When you upgrade your version of Illustrator by downloading the latest version from Adobe you might notice the script missing. You’ll need to go to your applications folder and move (or copy) the script file to the same “Scripts” folder.

multipage pdf imported to individual artboards

Editor’s note (Feb 18th, 2018): Tested this in the new Adobe Illustrator 2018 CC (Illustrator Version: 22.0.1) and it imported a 21 page pdf in about a minute and half.

open multi page pdf with illustrator 2018

Editor’s note (November 14th, 2017): Tested this in the new Adobe Illustrator 2018 CC (Illustrator Version: 22.0.0) and it’s working well.

Editor’s note (February 18th, 2017): Tested this in Adobe Illustrator 2017 CC (2017.0.2 Release) and it works! Remember to set the number of pages you want imported as it defaults to a page range of “From: 1 To: 1 ” pages.

Editor’s note (June 15th, 2016): Actually I’ve tested this in Adobe Illustrator 2015 CC (2015.21 Release) and it works there as well!