I’ll spare you all the reasons why you should want a standing desk. Let’s just say I’m never going back and the reason you can’t find a stand-up desk on the cheap on Craigslist is that no else wants to part with theirs either. My only regret is that I only have one at the office and not at home also.

I looked at LOT of different models. Read the reviews. I tried to find people bitching about bad ones on Twitter. I went with UPDesk and my secret standing desk weapon: a FluidStance board. Which was an incredibly generous gift from a client who shall remain unnamed…but thank you!

The FluidStance board looks like a cross between a hover board from “Back To The Future” and a standing desk for mice.

It may not look particularly stable from the above video but it actually is. There’s not a danger in falling off. There is a danger in crushing your wife’s toe though when she walks up to the desk and you lean towards her. Beware other people’s toes and probably mice while you’re at it.

Anyway I thought I would tire of it but it’s been over two years and I still dig it. Every several months you need to tighten the screws on the bottom. People come into my office, spot it and all say “Oh hey that’s good for your core, right?”. I don’t always dissuade them of the idea but I haven’t gained a six pack from it yet. What it does do is keep my knees from locking up which was a problem for me when I first started my standing work life.

But back to the desk. I went with the UPDesk based on:

  • All the reviews I’d read
  • The UPDesk lifts more weight
  • Their guarantee
  • The sturdy build means less shaking of the desk.
  • The desk will go high enough which turns out is key if you’re over 6 feet and want to use a balance board. (Alot of standing desks seem to top out around 45 inches. UPDesk Ultra goes up 50.5.

Here’s some before and after pix. Yeah, I gotta work on that cable management.

before sit stand desk
sit stand desk after photo

Cons of the UpDesk and How the Desk is Holding Up

So far it’s been rock solid. It does give a jerk when I first wake it up to move the desk up or down after no movement but not enough to shift anything on the desk. It’s also extremely heavy so it’s not easy to move around if that’s something you see yourself doing. A final note is that I actually only have the UpDesk frame (the bottom part). The top is a cheap butcher block slab from a certain place that sells Swedish meatballs that I’m afraid to try.

So what desk will you go for?