Unleash Powerful Workflow Methods in Divi Builder

power in hand sparkler and divi logo

Building and maintaining websites using the Elegant Themes Divi theme gets faster with these power user tips.

1. Use the premade Divi Layouts.
Divi Premade Layouts
2. Use Right Click to extend section, row module styles throughout pages, sections or rows.  There’s a ton of power hidden in these.
right click section settings
right click row settings
right click module settings
hidden power menu
3. Setup Global Sections on your first page build for consistency across your site.
4. Press press Shift+Space to use Quick Actions in the builder.

5. Use the existing pages method to quickly duplicate pages
6. Use the WireFrame view understand your overall page structure and make quicker edits.
divi wireframe view icon
7. Setup your color picker default colors in your Divi theme options palette before your build.  Then you can use the swatches instead of endlessly plugging in the hex number.
Divi default color picker
8. Put information that can likely change in global modules. An example of this is business hours.

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